Spring family photos at Bellevue Botanical Garden.

I've been taking my daughters to Bellevue Botanical Garden for as long as they've been earth-side. Every season, we make it a goal to explore the garden because you'll see something new each time. Coupled with the giant bee-hive and suspension bridge, it's an exciting location to explore even after your spring family photos are finished. This location provides a garden vibe, will lots of beautiful layering. Trees, bushes, flowers and shrubs, it'll have everything you'd like.

Father throws daughter into the air at the garden in Bellevue.
Mother kisses her daughter at Bellevue Botanical Garden.
Family poses for a portrait in Bellevue Botanical Garden.

Pastel colors photograph beautifully at Bellevue Botanical Garden.

Because we get so much rain in the Pacific Northwest, this location is full of vibrant greens and yellows. Choosing pastel outfit colors such as creams, light purples, greens and blues add a nice softness and contrast to the vibrant garden colors. Pastels are such a welcome color palette for spring. Wearing clothes that are comfortable and have some flow and texture will photograph nicely. I love how this family showed up in elevated basics! I suggested the purple dress from Amazon so if you ever need wardrobe help, I'm here for you.

Parents tickle their daughters at sunset in Bellevue.

Bellevue Botanical Garden works for early bedtimes.

I know not every family can do a golden hour (the hour before sunset) photo session. Bellevue Botanical Garden is a great spot for families who want beautiful photos without having to sacrifice adjusting the bedtime schedule. Because there are large trees, the trees can block some of the sunlight, allowing us to get beautiful backlit photos up to two hours before sunset. This makes for happy kids and less stressed out parents.

Father and daughter blowing bubbles together at sunset in Bellevue.
Family shares a hug at Bellevue Botanical Garden in the summer.
Mother watches daughter blow bubbles at sunset in Bellevue.

What age group is best for photos at Bellevue Botanical Garden?

This location is fantastic for families with younger kids or with teenage kids. Because the garden is a peaceful and quiet spot, I would not recommend it for boisterous, high-energy kids who need wide open spaces to run, jump and play. Locations here and here would be better suited for you! If you like a gallery that has lots of layering, consider a session here. Like all locations, this spot is quietest on week-days. You practically get the location to yourselves in the spring and summer week-days. Week-ends in June can get busy with prom. Week-ends in the fall are the most busy as everyone is trying to get their family photos done. This is the reason I don't offer this location on week-ends in the fall.

If you love flowers, Bellevue Botanical Garden isn't the only spot available. Sweet peas, cherry blossoms, lupines and wildflowers are also fantastic options. Reach out to me if you'd like to talk more about a garden session.

Husband embraces wife in posed portrait at Bellevue Botanical Garden.