Wildflower Family Photos at Discovery Park

I know that spring and summer are just a few months away because the bloody woodpecker has started waking us up super early as it chirps and pecks at our chimney. I also know that warmer months are coming up because the sunset is now officially after 5pm! We actually get to ride bikes and throw around a softball after my girls get out from school. How awesome is that?!

As you also come out of hibernation, take a peek at this gorgeous location in Seattle at Discovery Park. This park has everything...trees, mountains and a bluff with views of the Puget Sound. In mid-late July, this park also has beautiful sweet pea wildflowers. I know families love the quintessential fall family photo, but I'm here to tell you that the wildflowers will give fall foliage a run for its money.

Parents swinging their daughter among the tall grasses at sunset in Discovery Park.

Why book a summer photo session?

There's a large patch of wildflowers at Discovery Park in mid-late July. The bloom time and duration will vary depending on the year and how warm it gets. I've rarely seen this park get busy in the summer months (the crowds mainly come in the fall). So even on a week-end, your family photos will be relatively crowd free. This is key. Imagine picking any number of spots to cuddle your family and play in the long grasses without having to fight for the space. You can relax and enjoy each other's company without hundreds of onlookers wondering what's up. The best lighting for wildflower family photos at Discovery Park is the hour before sunset, or golden hour. In July, the sun sets around 9pm so our session would start 8pm.

Black and white photo of mother holding daughters hand in Seattle.
Mother kissing daughter at Discovery Park at sunset.
Parents hugging their daughter among the sweet peas at Discovery Park.

Wildflower family photos in Seattle.

For my wildflower family photos at Discovery Park, we'll first start out by the trees because the sun will still be high up in the sky. The beautiful, billowing trees will filter the harsh sunlight so you'll get nice backlit photos. We'll then meander towards the sweet pea flower patch. The sun will be a little lower in the sky so you'll get the best light with the flowers at that time. And when the sun is near set, we'll take photos at the bluff, where you'll soak in the mountains, water and colorful skies all at once. I love delivering a diverse gallery so in this one location at Discovery Park, you'll get trees, flowers, water and mountains all within a 15 minute walk of each other.

Family sitting on a blanket at the wildflower field in Seattle.
Parents playing with their daughter in Seattle.
Posed family portrait at Discovery Park.
Black and white photo of husband and wife in Discovery Park.
Father and daughter smelling the sweet pea flowers in Seattle.

Tips for your wildflower family photos at Discovery Park

A few tips to ensure your family photos go smoothly:

  • The bluff may get windy at times. I'd recommend preparing hair clips and light sweaters.
  • We'll walk 15 minutes between spots. Some spots have an incline. Wearing comfortable shoes or sandals is key.
  • Prepare a small bag to carry your phones, wallets and snacks in. Photos look better when a phone isn't sticking out of the back pocket ;)
  • Have a playful and relaxed mindset. We will have fun, make memories and capture photos of our time together. Things won't always go as planned but that's OK. If you're relaxed, your kiddos will be too.

Spring and summer are gorgeous in the greater Seattle area. There are so many flower options to choose from such as cherry blossoms, lupines and sunflowers. Flowers only last between 2-4 weeks out of the year. If you'd like a session with a specific flower, please reach out to me and we'll make it happen. Take care!

Father throwing daughter in the air at the bluff at Discovery Park.