Location Inspiration: Sunflower Family Photos in Woodinville

What if I told you that we had an amazing flower field in Woodinville? Depending on the month, there would be sunflowers, wildflowers, lavender, buttercups or zinnias? JB Family Growers in Woodinville is the answer to any photographers and family's dream for a vibrant and unique family photo session. This field charges a small admission fee that allows you to roam their grounds and even cut a few flowers. I can't wait to show you its beauty through these next few photos.

Know when you want to go.

Different flowers bloom at different times of the year at JB Family Growers. Sunflower family photos are best in July and August. However, you can't go wrong with any of these flowers in any of these months. This field has wide open spaces allowing you to roam freely. Like most places, if you want the field all to yourself, go on a week-day instead of a week-end. And the best light is golden hour, the hour before sunset.

  • June: Lavender and wildflowers
  • July: Sunflowers, lavender, buttercups and wildflowers
  • August: Sunflowers, Zinnias

Look to the color wheel for outfit inspiration.

Neutral colors like creams, whites, pastels and grays photograph beautifully in these flower fields as they don't compete with the flower colors. These are safe and timeless options! However, if you would like to go bold or playful, turn to the color wheel for inspiration. You can go monochromatic and choose a color for your outfits that'll also be in the flower field (ex: yellow dress, yellow sunflowers). You can go complementary and choose colors opposite each other on the color wheel (ex: yellow dress, purple flowers). No matter what you choose for your sunflower family photos, make sure your outfits are comfortable and true to your personality.

Head to a winery afterwards.

Woodinville is filled with amazing wineries that are within minutes of this flower field. Head to the wineries for a quick bite before your sunflower family photos, or reward yourself with a treat afterwards. A few I've been to before are:

I can't wait for summer 2024 and photographing more families in this beautiful field at JB Family Growers. But this isn't the only place for flowers. If you'd like flowers, please consider lupines HERE or cherry blossoms HERE. Thanks for reading!