Choosing a studio for your indoor family photos.

In the winter months, Seattle weather can be so unpredictable! Sunshine, rain, hail and wind... all experienced in the same day. Not to mention it'll be, so cold! To remedy this, indoor family photos at your home or at one of the many studios in the area is a nice alternative. You can find a studio that fits your tastes and budget here. From modern, to minimalist, to boho, to traditional, there will be an indoor space that meets your vision.

Extended family poses for indoor family photos against a brick wall.
Close up photo of holding hands.
Seattle family photographer captures posed portrait against a funky art gallery wall
Black and white candid of a group of young people smiling
Family laughing together at an indoor studio in Pioneer Square

What do you look for in a studio?

Large windows that provide lots of natural light is awesome. I will always bring my lighting equipment just in case, however the bigger the windows are, the more flattering light you'll get. Finding a studio with different backdrops will give your gallery lots of variety. Here, we had 3 different settings to work with: a brick wall, an arched window and a couch with funky gallery art.

Seattle photographer capturing smiling candid photo of husband and wife in front of a giant arched window
Husband and wife portrait by an arched window
Couple smiling in front of a giant arched window in Seattle
Couple holding hands and smiling in Seattle

How do we prep for indoor family photos at a studio?

All families fill out a detailed questionnaire so that I can know more about you. All families receive a client prep guide. I will coordinate with families on timing and location, but it is up to the family to contact the studio and pay the studio fees. At the start of our session, I'll do a quick walk through of the area and then we'll begin. If you like a particular spot, we can focus more time in that area.

Seattle family photographer captures smiling photo of a couple in Pioneer Square
Couple smiles in an indoor studio in Pioneer Square
Close up of husband and wife smiling in Seattle
Black and white indoor family photo

Studios can be used year round.

Choosing a studio to use is not just limited to the winter months. If you want indoor family photos but feel like your home is too cramped, or have already done family photos at home and want a change of scenery, or have a newborn and don't feel comfortable having them outdoors for an extended period of time, a studio can be a great option for you. Some things to note for studios are:

  • Studios are booked for 1-2 hours at a time
  • Some have a 2 hour minimum
  • Time slots may fill up quickly so once you have your heart set on a studio, jump to book
  • Some studios allow furniture to be moved around as long as it's moved back in place
  • The best lighting is mid-day

If indoor family photos at a studio speaks to you, let me know! I'd love to work with you to bring your vision to life. Take care!