2021 was a wild ride as my family got comfortable being around each other around the clock with online learning and working from home through June. When my girls went to bed, I took photography courses to learn the behemoth that is Photoshop, how to photograph families, where to find the most beautiful light and researched the nitty gritty of starting a business. Photography kept me energized and excited and my husband created an office space for me so that I could learn. I launched my photography business in May with a lot of nervousness and a ton of prayer. I am so thankful to family and friends who encouraged me, supported me and provided fantastic feedback with each month that passed. I am truly grateful for the kindest clients that have graced my lens this past season. You all have made me realize that photography is a deep passion of mine. And as we ride into the holidays, I thought it'd be fun to document my favorite photos (both personal and client) of this past year. Enjoy!

Girl playing with glitter in photography session in Redmond
Little girl playing with her toys with shadows and leading lines
Gasworks Park reflection on a cloudy day
Father cuddling with newborn son in Bothell
Mother daughter cuddling in Seattle
Mother kissing daughter in Seattle
Mother playing with son in Woodinville at Wellington Hills
Little girl walking into the ocean
Daughter riding scooter and observing the night sky
Pregnant mother twirling daughter at Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm
Family photography session in Juanita Bay Park
Husband grilling at home
Family running towards photographer in Tolt McDonald Park
Mother and daughters hugging in Tolt McDonald photography session
Sister hugging brother at Tolt McDonald in Carnation
Mother kissing daughter at Tanner Landing
Family photography session at Tanner Landing
My daughter riding a swing at the park
My other daughter riding a sled in our neighborhood
A father kissing a baby in Bellevue
My daughter driving her own jeep that can move
JoJo playing with confetti paper in the living room
Ellie and JoJo walking on a beach at the Oregon Coast
Jim spinning JoJo around at the beach
Mom holding a baby in their hanbok clothing and it is the baby's first birthday doljanchi in Shoreline
Ellie playing a baseball game in Redmond
Ellie getting ready to bat in Marymoor Park
A family walking in a field in Issaquah Highlands
Two kids sitting on their parents lap in Kirkland Washington
Two parents are going to kiss each other in Kirkland Washington for a family photography session
A couple are holding hands in Surrey British Columbia
Ellie is making sand castles in Oregon Coast
A family hugging each other in Kirkland Washington during a photography session
A brother looking at his baby sister in Redmond
A mother is changing her newborn in Redmond Washington
JoJo in Chinese New Year clothes
Ellie and JoJo in Chinese New Year clothes hugging each other
Ellie JoJo and dad walking on a beach in Whidbey Island
Birthday party for one year old in Kenmore
Doljabi in Shoreline during a doljanchi
A family hugging each other in Bellevue Botanical Garden
Two brothers hugging each other in Bellevue Botanical Garden
Siblings in a photo together in North Bend Washington
JoJo and grandma hugging each other in Marymoor Park
JoJo is going to kiss grandma in Marymoor Park
Rain photo with off camera flash in Redmond
A family hugging each other in Bothell for a newborn photography session
A daughter kissing her mother in Tolt McDonald Park
A grandpa and grandma holding hands in Issaquah
A family hugging each other at confluence park in Issaquah
A mother hugging a daughter in Fall City for a family photography session
A family hugging each other and their dog in Kelsey Creek Farm
A mother hugging her son at Kelsey Creek Farm
Santa with Mrs. Claus at Infinity Farm in Issaquah
A brother and sister holding hands in Kirkland Washington
A mother daughter playing in Kirkland Washington during a photography session
A daughter hugging her mother at Infinity Farm in Issaquah
A mother cuddling her daughter at Infinity Farm in Issaquah
Mom spinning JoJo at Hug Point in Oregon
A family holding hands and there is a sunset at Issaquah Highlands

Thank you for being here in my little corner of the web. Happy Holidays.