Tips to prepare for your wildflower family photos.

We have so many beautiful fields and gardens in the Eastside and greater Seattle area! Photographing your family amongst the wildflowers can be a unique and beautiful experience. A general timeline for wildflowers/flowers is:

  • May - lupines
  • June - daisies
  • July - sweet peas
  • August - various wildflowers
  • September - sunflowers

Peak bloom depends on various factors, with heat being one of them. If it's extra hot like it was this year, the wildflowers may bloom early. Fortunately, I had a small patch of lupines along the 520 highway that I monitored, and the minute I saw it bloom, knew that within a week, we'd reach peak bloom. I photographed this family at Van Lierop Park in Puyallup and the field was gorgeous. Beautiful light and abundant lupines! We had a wonderful time and I'll share the tips I told them, for their wildflower family photos.

Family laughing together at golden hour at Van Lierop Park in Puyallup.
Husband kissing wife at sunset in wildflower lupine field.
Black and white photo of husband and wife with foreheads together.

Timing is everything.

Wildflower fields have the best light at golden hour, the hour before sunset. Especially in this field, where there were very few trees to block the sunlight, it was critical to start with the sun really low in the sky. The soft, magical glow could only be achieved at golden hour. For our late May session, we started at 7:50pm!

If you can push your kiddos last nap to be as late as possible, it might tide them over for a late session start time. Change them into their pajamas right after the session and brush their teeth, so if they do fall asleep, they're ready to be transitioned straight to bed. I am not against bribes either. Give them a great incentive to look forward to after their session is over.

Family sitting in a lupine field admiring a ladybug.
Closeup of ladybug on girls arm.
Family watching ladybug fly away in the lupine field.
Birds eye view of family sitting in a lupine field.

Prepare for the outdoors.

Pack a backpack full of bug spray, water and snacks to keep the skin itch free and the tummies well fed. Choose clothing and shoes you can move comfortably in. We will be walking on uneven terrain so leave the high heels at home. We will most definitely be sitting down in the wildflower field so wear clothes that have some stretch! Clients love galleries with lots of variety so anticipate sitting, standing, walking and even some jumping during our wildflower family photos.

Husband and wife exchanging vows at sunset in Van Lierop Park.
Black and white photo of husband and wife exchanging vows.
Husband and wife look lovingly at each other at sunset in a lupine field.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

Kids have a sixth sense. If you (the parent) are having fun, they will pick up on this positive energy and have a great time too! No grumpy parents allowed! Whisper words of affirmation, tickle/snuggle each other, make snorting noises and try to spot the ladybugs in the lupines. I guarantee you, your family photos will look stunning when you are relaxed, engaged with your loved ones, and enjoying the wildflower surroundings.

Mother holding both daughters sitting in a lupine field in Puyallup.
Sisters kissing each other in a lupine field.
Black and white photo of mother with her daughters in a wildflower field.
Parents tickling their daughters in a wildflower field in Puyallup.

Are you ready to book wildflower family photos?

I've had the honor of photographing this family three other times. When you choose me to photograph your family year after year, milestone after milestone, it makes the session even more relaxed...because you're not meeting a stranger, you're meeting a friend. See more of this family's joy here, here and here.

Wildflower fields only last about 2-3 weeks, so don't dilly dally! When they're gone, they're gone until next year. Whether it's a family session, a mother-daughter session, a senior session or a just because session, wildflowers look good on everyone. Are you ready to book wildflower family photos? Here's what to do next. Read my step by step family photography process here or click the button below. I'd love to photograph your family in a field of wildflowers!

Black and white candid photo of family laughing.
Parents swinging their daughter in the air at a lupine field.
Husband twirling his wife in a lupine field with Mt. Rainier in the backdrop.