Family photos with pets.

Pets...they're not just animals, they're important members of your family! They're with you through the newborn phase and your baby's first steps. They sit at your child's feet as they read and do homework. They're present in the everyday moments as well as the important family milestones. Here are my tips to ensure your family photos with pets is as smooth as possible.

Family hugging their black dog in North Bend.
Family smiling while hugging their dog at sunset.

Choose a location that's great for pets.

Check to see that your family photoshoot location allows pets. I know for certain that Bellevue Botanical Garden has a NO pet policy. Locations that are quiet and have wide open spaces are great not only for humans, but also for your furry family members. These locations allow your pet to be comfortable and relaxed as they explore their surroundings. Your backyard, living room or a local park are all safe options! I can point out great options for you in my location guide.

Mother patting her dog at the river in North Bend.
Parents smiling and walking together with their dog in Tanner Landing Park.

Pack the necessary items!

Treats, a leash and waste bags are a must! Some pets do well without any treats. Some pets are motivated by treats. Kiddos are the exact same way! Pack some small treats in your bag as a just in case. I can take a handful of treats out and put them in my pocket as I guide your family and pet through all the poses. Sometimes I'll say "treat!" to get your pet's attention then reward them after the pose is finished. I would also make sure you have a leash. Some locations have quiet, wide open spaces and if there are no other pets around, we can allow your pet to run free for several minutes and then put them back on a leash for the remainder of the session. And if they do need to poop, you're ready with your waste bags.

Family smiling with their dog at Marymoor at sunset.
Portrait of white dog at sunset in Redmond.

Give your pets lots of praise.

Who doesn't love praise and adoration? Like children, shower your pets with praise and cuddles throughout the family photo session. Engage, play and run with them. Relax, embrace all the chaos and laugh a lot. Do what you'd normally do and I'll capture these authentic moments. We will get a mix of posed and candid family photos with your pets.

Family photo with golden retriever at sunset in North Bend.
Girl running with her dog at Tanner Landing Park.

Get down to their level.

If your pet is small, they can be in your arms for part of the session. But if they are large, get down to their level for the family portrait. Squat, or if that's not comfortable, sit on the blanket I provide. We can get different variations of the family portrait. Standing, sitting and squatting. We can do what is most comfortable for you.

Family photo with baby and dog at Marymoor park.
Toddler and white dog at Marymoor park in Redmond.

Bring your pet to your next family photo session.

Your pet is such an integral part of your lives. They are there in the big and small moments so let's capture their personality and your relationship together with a family photo session. One of my favorite spots for photos with pets is here. Check it out and reach out if you'd love to include your pet in a laid back, casual, and fun filled family photo session.

Family smiling and hugging their dog in North Bend.