Location inspiration for fall family photos outdoors.

As I'm sipping on my Earl Grey tea and listening to the atmospheric rain outside my office window, I'm reflecting back on the gorgeous fall season we had! Minimal smoke from wildfires and a number of sunny week-day AND week-end days allowed for lots of beautiful fall family photos outdoors. Tanner Landing is one of my favorite spots for photos year round. This park requires a bit of a trek as it's 40 minutes from the Eastside and Seattle without traffic. But I'll share why I love this spot and send so many of my family sessions there year after year.

Mother smiling while holding her son up at sunset in North Bend.

Tanner Landing Park is quiet year round.

This park is a gem because it is not busy, even in the fall! Even on fall week-ends, I only see about 2-3 other photographers in the park. The more popular locations like Discovery Park in Seattle and Juanita Bay Park in Kirkland have tens of photographers elbow to elbow, trying to get the best spots. Wow, that's stressful for both the photographer and the family. Tanner Landing Park is awesome because you have the freedom to explore the natural surroundings without having to run into a lot of other people during your fall family photos outdoors.

Mother and son running through the field at Tanner Landing Park.
Mother and son hold hands while running in North Bend.
Mother follows son through a forest in North Bend.

Tanner Landing Park has a lot of variety.

I love providing families with a diverse gallery! After you park in the gravel parking lot, we will take a few photos in the forest. We will then walk to the river and have fun skipping rocks while listening to the calm, flowing water. We will meander our way back to the parking lot through a grassy field with mountain views. Within a ten minute walk, your outdoor fall family photos will include a forest, a river and a mountain backdrop! Not many locations have such variety.

Son holding a giant rock by the river in North Bend.
Portrait of a smiling boy at Tanner Landing Park.
Mother watching son throw rocks at Tanner Landing Park.
Mother kissing sons cheek by the river in North Bend.
Son hugging his mother happily in North Bend.

A few things to be mindful of at Tanner Landing Park.

Certain cities and parks require paid permits however Tanner Landing is free! A few things to know are:

  • The grounds can get muddy, especially after a heavy rainfall. Please bring spare clothes and waterproof shoes for your children in case they get wet. Warm kids = happy kids.
  • People love to take their dogs here and some go off leash. If your family is afraid of dogs, this may not be the spot for you.
  • Google Maps will take you to the wrong location! I have a hand drawn map I send to all my clients to get to the right spot.
  • The river is lowest in the summer and fall. If you do spring photos, you might have limited access to the river as it'll be high!

Tanner Landing Park is a unique opportunity for your fall family photos outdoors. For more tips on fall family photo, read here, here and here. Thanks for reading!

Mother holding son as they walk through a field with a mountain backdrop in North Bend.
Mother and son walking in a grassy field.
Mother and son embracing their black dog in North Bend.
Family portrait with their dog and a mountain backdrop in Tanner Landing Park.
Candid family photo with dog in North Bend.