The beauty of outdoor fall family photos.

The most popular time of year for photos is in the fall. The air is crisp and perfect for layering outfits. The foliage is beautiful with rich shades of yellows, oranges and reds. You're back for the hustle and bustle of summer trips and camps and settled back into the school routine. You're thinking about making that holiday card and want a nice outdoor fall family photo to put on it. The sun sets at an earlier time than in the summer so you aren't pushing naps and bedtime routines. All these things make outdoor fall family photos appealing and I have a few tips to share!

Bellevue family photographer capturing posed family portrait in front of Mt. Si
Family having fun with each other and smiling in North Bend.
Bellevue photographer capturing fall family photos cuddling and smiling in North Bend.

Parent mentality is SO important.

If you come to a session flexible, easy going and ready to have fun, that is what will happen! Photographing families, especially those with younger children can be unpredictable! Some kids are more interested in the dandelion puffs than standing by their parents. Some kids want to run circles in a new environment and some kids need to cling to their parents for comfort. If parents go with the flow, kneel down to blow those puffs, run around with kids and give lots of cuddles, you will meet your children's needs. That candid joy, trust and love will show in the outdoor fall family photos.

Three kids holding hands in North Bend, in front of Mt. Si.
Siblings kissing each other tenderly in front of Mt. Si.
Mother hugging her three children at outdoor fall family photos.
Children giving each other hugs in North Bend, Washington.
Mother son laughing together by Mt. Si.

Wear layers at your outdoor fall family photos.

Ouuu...that crisp fall air can get chilly. I say this over and over again. Warm children = happy children. Long sleeves, layers than can be added or taken off, thicker fabrics, wool socks and closed toe shoes all help to make kids happy and last longer during outdoor fall family photos. If it's especially cold, wool coats photograph beautifully. Wear clothes you'll be comfortable moving in because we will definitely play games to get all the genuine smiles out.

Daughter hugging mother in North Bend in the fall.
Portrait of a smiling child in North Bend, at outdoor fall family photos.
Baby flying in the air in North Bend.
Bellevue family photographer capturing smiling portrait of a boy.

Pack snacks or end with a treat.

Packing snacks provides a nice little break during sessions. Something quick and mess free such as apple slices are great. They are sweet, crunchy and don't get stuck in your teeth as much as Oreos or chips do. Alternatively, telling children that at the end of the session, everyone will go get ice cream makes the session extra special! Who doesn't love ice-cream?! I am also not above bribes. If children need an extra incentive to participate in outdoor fall family photos, let's roll with it.

Bellevue photographer captures baby about to walk towards his mom.
Action photo of family running in the grass with Mt. Si in the backdrop.

Choose a location that fits the vibe you're going for.

The Pacific Northwest is full of scenic spots. I have a list of locations that provide mountain, river, field, garden or urban vibes for your outdoor fall family photos. This location is a wonderful spot because it has wide open spaces and is not crowded (even in the fall). Some things to note about this location are:

  • There may be wild elk present. We will stay far away from them.
  • The parking lot is within a 5 minute walk to the field. The parking lot is made of dirt and can get muddy in the spring or fall.
  • This location offers views of Mt. Si on a clear day. If it's foggy and you have your heart set of Mt. Si, we will have to reschedule.
  • This spot is great for families because you can run around freely and explore!

Read this for more family tips. Read this for outfit tips. If this location speaks to you, please reach out because I'd love to work with you. Take care!

Photographer captures family playing ring around the rosy in North Bend.
Black and white photo of family playing games together at Meadowbrook Farm Preserve.
Siblings hugging at Meadowbrook Farm Preserve.
Husband kissing wife tenderly at Meadowbrook Farm Preserve.
Cake smash with one year old and his family in North Bend.
Bellevue family photographer captures sibling cuddles in North Bend.