Fall Family Photo Outfit Inspiration

It's that time of year where we're savoring our last few summer activities: going to the beach for the entire morning, waiting in the ice cream line after dinner and watching a family movie on a week-night! Fall is right around the corner and soon we will be in the routine of school drop offs, packing snacks and coordinating rides to extracurricular activities. Fall is also the peak time for fall family photos! I have a few tips for assembling your fall family photo outfits for this upcoming season, so grab your pumpkin spice latte and read on :)

Parents snuggle with daughter at Tanner Landing park in North Bend.
Parents hug their daughter during fall family photos.

Tip 1: Choose a rich color palette.

Nothing says fall like the colors of rust orange, burgundy red and deep yellow. Whether you pick deep, muted tones or bold, bright colors, consider adding some color to your outfits this fall. While I do love neutrals like creams, grays and pastels (these colors work for ANY season), consider spicing up your outfits with something that POPS! My only caveat is to avoid neon fabrics, which aren't great for any skin color. Look how beautiful these colors were with the backdrop of Tanner Landing Park in North Bend.

Daughter on dad's shoulders, laughing, during fall family photos.
Mother playing with daughter in North Bend.

Tip #2: Layer, layer, layer.

Fall weather can be unpredictable. One moment, it's sunny and the next, it's overcast or drizzly! Layering is important to ensuring everyone is dressed appropriately for your fall family photo outfits. Warm kids = happy and smiley kids! It's better to go a little warm, and take off a layer, than go too cold and regret it during your session. Sweaters, long sleeve tops, jackets, hoodies, thick tights and warm boots can all achieve that stylish and cozy look. Layers can also add visual interest to your photos. I love how their outfit pops in the backdrop of Confluence Park.

Tip #3: Incorporate patterns and accessories.

Accessories can add some personality to your fall family photo outfits. Consider hats, scarves or necklaces that are meaningful to you or match your style. Here, we incorporated mom's hats from her childhood into our photos! Also, different textures and patterns can draw the eye directly to YOU! Nothing says fall like a little plaid ;) We balanced the prints on the kiddos with the solid colors on the parents beautifully at Three Forks Natural Area in North Bend.

Tip #4: Go with your personal style for fall family photo outfits.

Remember, the goal of our session is to have fun! When you're comfortable and confident in the clothes you wear, it'll show in the photos we take. Your personal style and your uniqueness is what we want to capture. Whether you (mom) choose a cozy, sweater dress or go for the jeans and hoodie look, what's important is we photograph you, authentically! For more outfit inspiration, read here and here. Happy Fall!