Complimentary Personal Stylist Service - New This Year!

Figuring out what to wear is half the fun or half the headache! In my client guide, I have styling tips if you'd like to assemble your outfits on your own. OR, new this year, I have a complimentary stylist, only for my client families. You will work with an amazing personal stylist. She will hand pick items and help take the guesswork out of what to wear. She can review the items you already want to wear, and add to it. Like client families, I try to schedule family photos for my own family because it puts me in your client shoes. Honestly, I don't love the styling part so having a personal stylist providing outfit options is SO helpful! Bonus, my personal stylist is one of the nicest people I know.

We went to Charleston, South Carolina for a wedding and I scheduled spring family photos on one of our free days. You can see the "before," which are the outfits I assembled myself. The outfits for my kiddos were non-negotiable. One really wanted to wear a jean jacket with her romper and the other wanted to wear a comfortable, flowy dress. I knew dad and I were going to wear jeans because we were going for a casual vibe. I had a cream shirt in my closet and dad had a lightly patterned grey shirt. When I showed our outfits to my personal stylist, she made a few tweaks. She mentioned my cream shirt was a different shade than the cream dress; also we were missing bold prints, which would offer visual interest to our family photos. She found a patterned shirt for dad online ($22, Old Navy) which included our color scheme of cream, light teal and blue. Keeping this color scheme at the forefront of my mind, I found this pattered shirt from the mall ($30, Buckle). In the "after", you can see the difference these tweaks made to the overall cohesiveness of our outfits! I love the choices! (Family photo by Rachel Weber Photography)

The main reason we went to Charleston was to attend a wedding. I was super excited my daughters were going to be the flower girls! Their dresses were non-negotiable, chosen by the bride. I originally planned to wear something from my closet, however my personal stylist mentioned that if I were to be photographed with my flower girls, our dresses would not match. Since the flower girl dresses were blue, she found a maxi dress for me, also in a shade of blue with a bold print for visual interest ($85, Nordstrom Rack). It's not a style I would've normally gravitated towards but I absolutely loved the dress! (Family Photo by Carrie Patricia Studios)

Scouring the internet for outfits is a difficult skill to master. I've seen my personal stylist in action, watching her as she flips through websites and scrolls her way down to shirts, dresses and pants that can provide cohesiveness to family photo outfits.

We've already scheduled a session at a location you love, with the best light possible. Now, you can also have a complimentary, tailored service that can elevate your family photos to the next level!