Spring Family Photos at the Seattle Arboretum

The cherry blossoms at the Seattle Arboretum are such a gorgeous way to welcome spring! This location has pink and white flowers, gently swaying in the breeze and makes for a perfect backdrop for spring family photos. Many families love getting their photos done in the fall but let me assure you, spring is equally fantastic. You will have a fresh faced photographer who has just came out of winter hibernation and is eager to document your love. You will usually have less crowds (you will avoid the fall photo rush) and more wiggle room to explore. I love the Seattle Arboretum is all seasons, but especially spring and I can't wait to share why.

Photographer captures grandmother with granddaughter in front of pink cherry blossoms in Seattle

The Seattle Arboretum is huge.

Usually, when people think of cherry blossoms, they think of the University of Washington's Quad but that location is small and densely packed. I love the Quad and visit it every spring but so does every other person in Seattle. There's literally hundreds of people strolling the Quad and photobombing your photos. The Seattle Arboretum is only 10 minutes from the Quad and is fantastic because you have space to spread out. Picture your family walking along a path, lined with beautiful cherry blossoms. Imagine everyone relaxed and calm because you have room to explore without strangers watching you.

Mom dancing with daughter at the Seattle Arboretum
Seattle family photographer documents mother daughter cuddle while being framed by cherry blossoms
Grandma hugging grandson at the Seattle Arboretum

The Seattle Arboretum is close.

I know your schedule is jam packed with school and extracurricular activities in the spring. I get it, as we are a softball family! For Eastside and Seattle families, these cherry blossoms are a short drive from your home. It is also nearby to many kid friendly restaurants (Pagliacci's, Sizzle & Crunch, Macrina Bakery), making it convenient for your family to take spring family photos and then stop for a quick bite before moving on with your day.

Grandmother smiling and holding grandson's hand in front of white cherry blossoms
Grandmother, mother and daughter hug each other in the spring
Three generations of women pose for a portrait
Black and white image of mother laughing with daughter in the spring
Mother and children smile and enjoy the cherry blossoms in Seattle

Your spring family photos can have different backdrops.

I know you love cherry blossoms and that's why we are here. But the Seattle Arboretum also has miles of trails that include plants found only in the Northwest and plants found around the world. There are big trees your kiddos can climb on, forest paths you can get lost in and different fragrant flowers to smell. These spots are within minutes of each other so if you'd like a varied gallery, it's doable!

Bellevue photographer captures black and white candid image of grandma and grandchild hugging in the spring
Granddaughter telling grandma a secret on the grass
Cherry blossoms frame mother hugging daughter at the Seattle Arboretum

Spring is a stunning time for family photos.

All the Seattle rain = lush greenery and gorgeous flowers. I know you are busy and have a million things on your to-do list. The Seattle Arboretum is one of many beautiful locations I have pre-scouted. With client guides to make your life easier, let's set aside an hour of your time to capture YOU, playing with your kids amongst a backdrop of cherry blossoms. Check out some outfit tips and see what another one of my sessions looks like. If you want to stay on the Eastside, there are cherry blossom locations here and here.

Some things to note:

  • Cherry blossoms usually peak around late March to early April in Seattle.
  • The Arboretum's cherry blossoms are a 5-10 minute walk from the parking lot and week-days are the quietest.
  • Seattle Parks and Recreation require a $30 permit for family photos in any of the Seattle Parks.

Cherry blossoms only last 2-3 weeks each spring! Grab a spot on my calendar and let me know you want family photos at the Seattle Arboretum.