Tips for spring family photo outfits.

Spring in the Pacific Northwest is beautiful because of all the vibrant colors! All the rain means Juanita Bay Park will have bright green ferns, deep rich forest greens and lovely purple lupines. Spring has a mix of cloudy and sunny days. On cloudy days, the clouds act as a giant softbox, providing even and flattering light on your face. On cloudy days, you can photograph anywhere, any time and get rich, vibrant colors. On a sunny day, it is best to photograph at sunset, when the light is soft, warm and directional (something you can control). But enough about the weather...what should you wear for spring family photos?

Daughter smiling at Juanita Bay Park
Mother daughter photographed in the lupines in Kirkland
Black and white photo of daughter with mother in Kirkland

Incorporate different textures through layering.

Spring still has cool temperatures, especially in the evenings. You'll want to make sure each family member is comfortable and warm because a warm kid = a happy kid. A kid who is cold will be grumpy, will want to go home ASAP and have a cold, red nose throughout the session. So add layers to your session with cardigans, vests, moto jackets, etc. Also, different textures are interesting to the eye and pull you right in. Here, we have suede, cotton, smocked and pleats to create visual interest for the spring family photo outfits.

Mother daughter whispering secrets to each other in a field of lupines in Kirkland
Daughter resting on mother's lap in Kirkland
Daughter smiling and looking up at mother during Kirkland family photography session

Don't match, coordinate.

The spring greenery is SO lush that you'll want to balance it out with neutrals and lighter colors like creams and pastels. I don't want you to wear the exact same thing though! Photos look better when you coordinate. Instead of picking the exact same white top and blush pink skirt, pick a few colors that'll go together. Here, we see the colors white, pastel pink and pastel brown. Mom has a white inner top which ties in nicely with her daughter's white dress and sweater. To coordinate, she chooses pastels to continue with the light and airy look for their spring family photo outfits.

Detail photo of spring family photo outfits
Black and white photo of mother and daughter
Mother hugging daughter in Kirkland
Mother listening to daughter's story at Juanita Bay Park
Detail photo of daughter's hands hugging mom

Pick materials that have some movement.

Not everyone needs to wear a flowy maxi dress. That may not be in line with your style. But choose materials that have some movement to add visual interest to your photos. If you don't want to wear a dress, wear a skirt. If you don't want to wear a skirt, wear a flowy top or let your hair down. Wear things that make you feel comfortable, confident and allow you to move freely.

Mother putting daughter's hair behind her ear
Smiling portrait of daughter among the Juanita Bay lupines
Kirkland family photographer capturing mother daughter holding hands and walking
Daughter twirling in field of lupines

Shoes are important too!

To complete your outfit, don't forget about the shoes! Spring makes shoe shopping easier. Pick a metallic flat, strappy sandal or comfortable heel you can walk, twirl or run in. Choose something that is dirt-free, logo-free and that is comfy. Leave the athletic shoes at home! Inexpensive shoes can be found at Target, Nordstrom Rack and DSW. For more clothing inspiration, read about this family session. If you need any help with styling, ask your family photographer. Happy Spring!

Mother daughter sitting on a boardwalk surrounded by ferns
Mother daughter smiling on a boardwalk in Kirkland
Mother daughter candid image on a boardwalk at Juanita Bay Park