What's so great about spring family photos?

What's so great about spring family photos? Spring is a time when nature comes alive again! The blooming flowers, leaves on trees and lush greenery from allllll the rain make it such a beautiful time for family photos. In fact, I'm corralling my own family to get our photos done this spring. Spring is a time when your family photographer is eager to come out of hibernation, is well rested, and ready to capture your family's love. Let's compare the relaxed spring family photos to busier fall family photos. Picture this: crisp, colorful autumn leaves and cozy, layered outfits. Families scrambling to get their holiday cards ordered, stamped and mailed...in addition to juggling fall sports, back to school shopping and purchasing holiday gifts. Wow, families are busy but they aren't the only ones! Family photographers in the fall are elbow to elbow in certain locations, trying to pose families without getting too many other random family's in the frame. True story, I was photographing a family at Discovery Park and a random photographer walked straight in front of my frame. The sheer madness of it all. :)

I'm sharing a few perks of booking a spring family photo session instead of a fall one this year. Read on!

Mother hugging her daughter on the boardwalk at Juanita Bay Park.

Spring has warmth and comfort.

Spring is what goldilocks would approve of because it's not too hot and it's not too cold. Spring has milder temperatures so you don't have to worry about bundling up and braving freezing temperatures in the winter. You also don't have to worry about sweating, heat waves or wildfire smoke risks in the late summer. Our own family photos will include visual interest from the different prints and layering; cardigans, jean jackets and a little dotted print. This is what I pulled together with the amazing help of my personal stylist. NEW this year, all my photography families will have complimentary access to my personal stylist. The exhilaration I get from taking a solid photo is the same excitement she gets when she finds the perfect piece for you to wear!

Sisters laughing at sunset at Bellevue Botanical Garden.

Spring has earlier bedtimes.

I love photographing families during golden hour. It brings me so much joy when I get genuine smiles with really pretty light. Spring allows you to get that golden hour look without having to push too far into the bedtime routine. Golden hour is the hour before sunset and it creates the most drippy, warm and glorious golden light. In the spring, if it's a sunny day and we're at the beach or an open field, a session would start at the latest at:

  • March- 4:45pm
  • April - 6:30pm
  • May - 7:30pm

If the location chosen has some trees to filter the sunlight, our session could start even earlier than the times listed above.

Parents hugging their laughing daughters at a lupine field in Puyallup.

Spring family photography sessions are less busy.

Spring sessions are less crowded and less busy! Most families will do fall family photos so the locations you'd go to in the spring are a fraction of the crowds. What does that mean for you? A more relaxed session where you can freely explore, play and run around with your kiddos. It means less random strangers looking on to your session so you can be free to be yourself. I know I get a bit self conscious when I'm the center of attention, so I love a spring session for that reason. If you've done a fall session before, please consider a spring session in 2024. Picture your family photos with layers of greenery, pops of color from different flowers and minimals crowds. Let's do this!