My top poses for spring family photos.

All the rain in the Pacific Northwest = vibrant green bamboo leaves, grass and trees at McAuliffe Park. In late April, the 1-2 cherry blossom trees are also in bloom! Given this location is quiet and on the Eastside, it's a gem of a spot for cherry blossoms, especially if you don't want to make the trek to Seattle. I arrive at my outdoor locations 30 minutes early to do a walk through, visualizing your family in several spots. Your gallery should be filled with joy, fun and a variety of poses. So what kinds of poses can you expect? We first start off with the standing, look at the camera pose. Your children have a limited attention span and while they can stand still, we get this photo right off the bat.

Posed family portrait at McAuliffe Park in Kirkland
Bellevue family photographer capturing family tickling each other at the park
Family running in the grass while holding hands

We will break up into smaller groupings.

Your kids will have lots of wiggles! We will break up into small groupings (just siblings, mom with children, dad with children, parent with individual child, just parents) to give each other breaks and time to wiggle around. My favorite poses are to snuggle with your loved ones, whisper secrets and crack jokes. With this family, we moved to an open field with a cherry blossom tree. I framed the smaller groupings with the cherry blossoms to add extra layering to the photos. I especially love the pose of just mom and dad because when do you have time just to yourselves? These are such sweet moments to remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Black and white photo of mom and daughter cuddling among the cherry blossoms in Kirkland
Photographer capturing mother daughter's tender hug at McAuliffe Park
Black and white photo of mother cuddling her son
Husband and wife portrait in the cherry blossoms

You will sit and snuggle as a family.

I love this pose for spring family photos. If the location allows, you'll snuggle on a cozy blanket together. If the grass is wet, or if it's too rocky, we'll skip this pose and do something else. Otherwise, you'll get in close, tickle each other and share things you love about one another. This is also a good time to get detail photos of you holding hands and close ups of you smiling.

Husband and wife sitting on a blanket smiling
Bellevue family photographer capturing smiling family sitting on a picnic blanket
Close up photo of daughter smiling

We will finish with games!

Every family loves games! This location has so much space to run around freely! This family climbed trees, played red-light-green-light, did jumping shots and blew one hundred dandelion puffs. While these are not posed photos, I love candids because of the genuine smiles, movement and different angles captured. You'll get a mix of posed and candid, group and individual photos in your gallery. By finishing with some games, you'll leave the session on a high note. For another location with cherry blossoms, check out this session!

Children climbing a tree in Kirkland
Family jumping shot at McAuliffe Park
Photographer capturing candid moment of family running and laughing
Candid moment of child blowing dandelion puff
Bellevue photographer capturing mother and daughter blowing dandelion puffs
Black and white photo of boy blowing dandelion puffs in the spring

Things to know about McAuliffe Park:

McAuliffe Park in Kirkland is a fantastic location in any season. There are bamboo trees, a barn, vintage tractors, evergreen trees, and cherry blossoms (that last only a few weeks each Spring). This location is a 5 minute walk from the parking lot. This location is quiet all year round and at the end of your session, you can visit the tiny pea patch with veggies and flowers or the playground. There are no restrooms though! For an idea of what this location looks like in the fall, see this post.

If you'd love some family photos here, please reach out. I'd love to work with you!