How to prepare for your newborn family photos.

What a precious miracle new life is. Those tiny toes, little grunts and sweet milky breath. An in home newborn session is a great way to capture your new normal. You don't have to pack up your diaper bag and rush to a location, wondering if you've forgotten something along the way. You're in the comfort of your own home, with access to all the snacks, toys and books you need to keep your older children engaged and yourself relaxed. This home is where your littles will grow up in. Your newborn family photos will document your family laughing and playing in the spots where you normally are in everyday. How cool is that! So how do you prepare for your newborn family photos?

Family laughing on the couch during newborn family photos.
Mother reading a book to her children.
Family reading a book together at home.

Find the spots that are meaningful to you.

Your newborn family photos can be in any spot of the house that's special to you. We are not limited to one window that provides adequate light. Our Seattle winters are quite dark and gloomy but by using my lighting equipment, you'll have properly exposed photos in even a dimly lit room. By introducing good light, your family can tickle, run and bounce around anywhere in the house and the photos will still remain crisp and vibrant. Tell me the rooms that are important to you and we will document all your cuddles there.

Mother stroking newborn baby with tenderness.
Family playing together on the bed during newborn photos.
Bellevue newborn photographer capturing family on bed.
Family laughing together in the master bedroom.

Feed your baby before your newborn family photos.

A full baby means a sleepy baby and it means lots of good cuddles during your newborn family photos. If your baby needs to feed during the session (or burp, be changed, etc), that works too. We go with your baby's schedule. Speaking of food, having parents and siblings fed will ensure a happy and energy filled session. The great thing about in home sessions is if a sibling needs a snack break, it's easily accessible.

Black and white photo of parents kissing newborn.
Parents tenderly snuggling with newborn son.
Mother cuddling her newborn baby at home.

Have a go-with-the-flow attitude.

No session ever goes completely as planned. Newborns sessions, especially newborn sessions with siblings will go smoothly if you have a relaxed attitude. What I loved about this family was how easygoing and encouraging the parents were with their children. Your attitude will set the tone for how your children will act. If a sibling wants to participate, we will get as many photos with them in the frame as possible. If they need a break, that's fantastic, and we will focus on parent-baby photos. When a sibling is ready to hop back in, we will be excited and ready for them.

Bellevue newborn photographer capturing mother kissing newborn baby on the head.
Birds eye view of newborn baby.
Sister kissing newborn baby brother at home.
Newborn baby photographed at home in mother's arms
Bellevue newborn photographer capturing black and white photo of newborn baby with sister.

These moments go so quickly.

During your newborn family photos, savor their smallness. They are only so teeny tiny for such a short amount of time. I will document how you tenderly kiss your baby, stroke their wispy hairs, count their fingers and toes and just how you enjoy the beautiful chaos that is your new normal. For more squishy babies, see here. Thanks for reading!