Tips to prepare for your in home newborn photography session.

I forget how tiny newborn babies are. Even with all the sleepless nights, frequent feedings and endless diaper changes, it all goes so so fast. Capturing your new normal, in rooms that you spend so much time in, is a great way to remember these fleeting first few weeks. There is no hard rule on when to photograph a newborn baby. You are the boss. Labor and delivery is HARD work, so pick a time when you feel physically well. Read on for some tips on preparing for your in home newborn photography session.

Newborn family portrait at their home
Father holding newborn son at his home
Big sister smiling for a portrait

Declutter what you can.

You don't need a sparkling clean house. You have a newborn and the emphasis is on mom meeting her own physical, mental and emotional needs, while juggling the care of other little family members. I don't want mom or anyone else to be vacuuming, dusting, washing windows or managing cobwebs before your in home newborn photography session. We will only be photographing in 1-2 rooms so focus on these two spots. You don't need to do a deep clean. All I want is for you to tuck away the odds and ends on your night stand and a few toys scattered along the floor. I'm also happy to do that right before a session. Just let me know your needs and I will be happy to help. Truly!

Newborn swaddled and laying on their bed
Newborn photography captures a candid moment of sibling smiling while mom and newborn look on
Family lovingly looking at newborn son
Sister kissing newborn brother on their bed

Turn up the heat.

If you want sleepy newborn photos, turn the thermostat a few degrees higher. That warmth will not only be soothing for baby, it'll also help them fall asleep or stay asleep for longer. The warmth will also allow you to wear whatever outfit you'd like and be comfortable for your entire in home newborn photography session.

Parents holding their newborn son lovingly at home
Bellevue newborn photographer captures parents smiling and tickling newborn baby
Black and white photo of father smiling while holding newborn son
Family poses for a portrait on their bed

Siblings will take the lead.

Our session will be sibling led. It's a hard adjustment for siblings to go from being the star of the show to sharing the limelight with their newborn sibling. I'll work hard at the beginning of the session to build rapport and give extra attention to siblings. If parents can shower praise on siblings, that'll be awesome. If siblings are happy, everyone will be happy. Siblings have a short attention span so our in home newborn photography session will begin with getting siblings in the frame first. Once they are done snuggling with baby brother or sister, we will move on to parent photos with baby and solo baby photos. And if siblings want to jump in again later, we will welcome them with open arms.

Mother and sibling holding the newborn baby together
Black and white photo of mother feeding a bottle to newborn baby boy
Baby sleeping on the bed
Black and white photo of mother providing nose kisses to newborn baby
Sister snuggling brother on a bed

When do we schedule an in home newborn photography session?

When you know the due date of your newborn baby, please reach out to me. We can set a tentative date and after you've given birth and recovered from the labor and delivery, let me know if that date works for you or if you'd like to push it out. I am flexible and want to ensure mom is feeling physically, mentally and emotionally ready for photos. I've photographed babies two weeks old, babies one month old and babies six months old. The best time for newborn photos is when YOU feel your best.