My tips for outdoor newborn photos.

Most newborn photos happen at home or in a studio. The weather in the Pacific Northwest is so volatile, that I totally get why that's the case. Chilly winds, rainy weather and unexpected hail are all things we don't want to expose our newborn to. But in the summer and early fall, when we get sunshine all day everyday, I beg you to consider doing outdoor newborn photos. The light is so gorgeous! When those warm rays bask your family's love in a golden glow, wow, you'll get some amazing images. I'll share my tips to prepare for your outdoor newborn photos below.

Mother smiling at her newborn daughter at sunset in Woodinville
Parents cuddling their newborn at Wellington Hills
Father smiling at his newborn daughter at Wellington hills at sunset
Parents hold newborn daughter in a grassy field at sunset

Location is key.

There is no perfect time to take newborn photos. You could do them when your newborn is 2 weeks old, one month old or even six months old. Really, what's important is your family's comfort level! How are you adjusting to this new normal? How is your body healing? What are those hormones like? When you're feeling good mentally, physically and emotionally, let's get those outdoor newborn photos done. Location is so important. If you're healing from your labor and delivery, a location with easy parking and that's a close walk from the parking lot will be extremely gentle on your body. If you're feeling really energetic and fully healed, a location that has a bit of a walk will be doable. I have different locations for different needs. You tell me how you're doing and we will find a location that works best for you.

Close up portrait of sleeping newborn baby in parents arms
Bellevue newborn photographer captures tender moment of mother holding newborn daughter
Black and white photo of parents comforting crying newborn baby

Pack snacks and layers.

Baby may need to feed during our outdoor newborn photos and that's wonderful. We operate on your newborn's schedule. If they need a bottle, please bring it. If you need to nurse, I'll have a stool ready for you to sit comfortably on. Parenting is hard work so please pack something for yourself to eat if you need it. Also, pack layers! Newborns will have lots of snuggles from you but they might need extra warmth, in the form of a little sweater, socks or hats. The temperature at the start of sunset to the end of sunset can vary so let's keep them nice and warm. You can stick all these essentials in your diaper bag and we'll keep it hidden from my lens.

Portrait of sleeping newborn baby in mother's lap
Peek a boo photo of newborn baby sleeping while parents look on, in Woodinville
Parents hold newborn baby at sunset in Wellington Hills in Woodinville

Choose comfortable clothes.

For mom, choose an outfit that you feel beautiful, yet are comfortable enough to walk around and sit in. If you prefer to breast feed, choose an outfit that is nursing friendly. Flowy tops or flowy dresses can be flattering to your post-baby body. Choose materials with a nice drape (cotton may be too stiff, and spandex may be too skin-tight clingy). For cohesive family outfits, choose 2-3 colors that you can coordinate but not match in. Here, the blues, creams and oranges worked well, tying this family's outfits together.

Father kisses newborn daughter
Mother lovingly looks at newborn daughter
Bellevue Newborn Photographer captures parents walking together in Wellington Hills in Woodinville

Newborn photos are an investment for now and for generations to come.

No matter if it's indoor newborn photos or outdoor newborn photos, choosing to get your photos done is something you will cherish for generations to come. Yes there are those essentials we all need: cribs, strollers, carseats, outfits, etc. But those essentials are only essential for a few years before being donated or put up in a Buy Nothing group. Your newborn photos are the essentials that you will show your children when they're heading off to college, having babies of their own or many generations from now. Let's preserve these moments together.