My approach to newborn family photos.

I remember the whirlwind of emotions the first few weeks, adjusting to our new normal. Did you know our daughter's favorite way to take naps was when we held her and did squats?! She also loved to be nursed to sleep, especially in the middle of the night, on an hourly basis. When I close my eyes, the photo I remember, that encapsulates this period in our lives, was a photo my husband took. I was holding our daughter, hours after she was born and we were gazing at each other. My hair wasn't combed, I hadn't slept at all and my daughter was in a hospital swaddle and big-bowed beanie. Our's as if we were telling each other, "We're a team! Let's start this wild adventure together!" (see photo below)

In the newborn phase when everything is a blur, one thing that helps us remember how exhausting, joyful, loving and chaotic it all is, is the photos that we take. I want to document this amazing time in your lives! Read about my approach to newborn family photos below.

Photographer with her own daughter at the hospital in Kirkland.

Your sweet baby will be in your arms.

My approach to newborn family photos is this: your sweet baby will be snuggled, kissed and cuddled for the majority of our session together. Your baby will be in your arms! I bet your phone will have thousands of baby photos...I know mine does! But how many photos will have YOU with your baby, artfully captured, in beautiful light? I want to document you loving on your baby, holding their teeny tiny fingers, kissing their wispy hair and smelling their baby scent. I know these are the types of photos you'll treasure forever.

Parents gazing lovingly at their daughter at an in home newborn photo session.
Family photo with newborn in their living room.

I won't be using props.

My approach to newborn family photos is a natural and organic look. Instead of spending hours trying to get them to fall asleep so that we can swaddle them and put them into a bowl or basket, I want to capture what you see everyday. Baby is most comfortable with you, in the warmth of your arms or on your chest listening to your heartbeat. Let's document the connection you have; the size of your hands tenderly with theirs. The way your hair falls when you lean in to snuggle baby and the way you smile when you see this cherished life you brought into the world.

Baby girl holding onto mom's fingers at an in home newborn photo session.
Mom doing nose kisses with newborn daughter.

We will have a relaxed newborn photography session together.

Our newborn photo session is laid back and relaxed. There are already so many things you're juggling; sleepless nights, cluster feeding, never-ending poopy diapers, etc. I don't want newborn family photos to be just another stressful thing for you to check off your list. If baby is crying, that’s ok! I’ve been through this newborn stage twice myself, so I know babies need breaks for feeding, changing, rocking, etc. Don’t fret! We will take as many breaks as needed for baby’s comfort and the parent's peace of mind.

Size comparison with dad and newborn daughter.
Detail photo of newborn's eyelashes while mom smiles on.

Authentic newborn family photos for your schedule.

There's no right or wrong window for newborn family photos. Your newborn will be more sleepy within the first two weeks of birth, but I've done photos with baby a month old and even many months old. Awake babies, interested in the sound of the clicking camera shutter, are adorable! It's all about what works best for your family and what feels right in this time of your life. You get to decide what to do. Find tips on preparing for a newborn photo session here and find detailed information on my newborn pricing and process here. Take care!

Mirror reflection of family posing with newborn daughter.
Family photo of parents smiling at newborn daughter.
Bedroom photo of mom changing newborn baby's diaper.
Black and white photo of mom lovingly looking at newborn daughter.
Mom kissing baby girl on their bed.