Consider the Seattle Arboretum for your fall family photos.

The Seattle Arboretum has such vibrant and gorgeous colors in the fall! This location has rich reds, oranges, yellows and greens sprinkled throughout their massive 230 acre garden. It's easy to get lost in all the meandering trails and trust me, I have. I scout this location every season because things are constantly changing. In the spring, there are camellias, rhododendrons, and cherry blossoms. In the summer, there are various shades of greens in the trees, shrubs and bushes. In the fall, the maples turn all sorts of beautiful matter the season, this location will dazzle you!

Are we a good fit to work together? I've photographed this family several times and their laid back nature and playful style make our sessions magic! Sure there are bumps along the way...cold fingers, hungry tummies and tired feet from walking, but we will work through it. Read on to see how we can work together for a successful session at the Seattle Arboretum.

Family smiles in front of Japanese maples in Seattle.
Detail photo of a baby's hand.
Family crouching down for a portrait in Seattle.
Father kissing his baby son at the Seattle Arboretum.

Come to our session ready to play!

Grumpy kids are welcome...but grumpy parents are not because parents set the mood of the session! The Seattle Arboretum is full of so many great nooks and crannies...I know because I pre-scout this location ahead of our session. I'll tuck you in a corner with a pretty backdrop, away from the crowds. You can spin your kiddos, dip them, make funny noises and throw them in the air. Kids love attention from parents and I love capturing the genuine joy between you all. Family photo sessions always have a few's just how it goes with kiddos. I don't expect perfection from your children and I sure hope people don't expect perfection from my children either. What I appreciate, is parents who are patient, who take breaks with their kiddos and allow me to capture all the authentic moods.

Mother laughing with daughter at the Seattle Arboretum.
Father holding his son and laughing in front of Seattle Japanese maple trees.
Family exploring the mossy pond at the Seattle Arboretum.
Parents walking with children in the forest at the Seattle Arboretum.
Mother throws her daughter into the air in a Seattle park.

Dress appropriately!

A lot of the pretty spots I choose in the Seattle Arboretum aren't directly hit with sunlight. The shade means the temperatures will be cooler. The paths at the Seattle Arboretum can have gentle to moderate inclines and be paved, mulched or covered in gravel. I'd recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes (bonus points if they're waterproof). In the fall, certain spots can be wet or muddy and this ensures your feet are dry. I'd also recommend wearing layers. Cozy cardigans ensure little bodies are warm. Warm and dry bodies = happy kiddos (which also = happy parents).

Mother and son play with maple leaves in Seattle.
Father and daughter tickle each other with leaves in Seattle.
Candid family photo in Seattle.

Schedule your session on a week-day!

In the fall, the Seattle Arboretum can get packed, especially on week-ends. I would highly recommend doing your fall family photos on a week-day at the Seattle Arboretum. Less crowds means you get the prettiest spots with minimal wait times and it's easier to find parking. Less crowds = more relaxed session. In the fall, the sun isn't as high in the sky as it is in the summer. This means we have a lot of flexibility on when to start our session. A session at the Arboretum does not have to be at golden hour (the hour before sunset). With this family, we did our session on a week-day at noon and the sun barely peeked above the tall trees. We got pretty light and a pretty setting! Win!

And after our session, go check out the Oxbow Bakery, a 10 minute walk from the Graham Visitor Center parking lot. This bakery offers delicious sandwiches, cakes, breads and coffee. A perfect treat/bribe for your kiddos. :)

For other beautiful fall photo spots, check out these locations in North Bend and Kirkland. Thanks for reading!

Sister kissing baby brother at a park in Seattle.
Parents throw leaves into the air while baby boy watches.
Mother hugs her laughing daughter at the Seattle Arboretum.
Black and white photo of husband and wife in a park in Seattle.