Why summer family photos are the best.

Summer is my favorite season to photograph. I love that after months of rain, we trade our muddy puddles for amazing weather. I love the warm breeze and the short sleeved dresses you can wear. I love the golden glow that wraps around everything right before sunset. I love the different types of flowers waiting to show off for you, like this daisy field! Summer, here I come!

Mother daughter cuddling in a daisy field in Redmond
Mother twirling daughter in a daisy field at sunset
Mother and daughter nose kisses in a field in Redmond
Portrait of a smiling girl in a daisy field at sunset
Daughter laying in mama's lap in Marymoor Park
Daughter running in a field in Marymoor Park
Mother daughter sharing a hug and kiss on a blanket
Mother daughter sitting on a blanket in Redmond
Daughter kissing mother in family photography session at Marymoor Park in Redmond