What does a senior photoshoot look like?

Listening to this young lady talk about her excitement for learning, as well as witnessing her humility, kindness and drive gave me such hope for the future! I love it when seniors are active participants in the session planning process. A senior photoshoot starts before the actual session. I send out a questionnaire to each of my seniors and the more details they provide, the better I can visualize the session flow. I ask about your senior's likes, dislikes, future plans and hobbies so that we can settle in to a steady stream of chatter as we go from location to location. I ask about your dream shots so that I can make those a priority. This senior's goals were photos at the boardwalk and waterfront and I scouted out two locations that fit her needs. The waterfront location was especially tricky to find as I drove to a pier that was fenced up and a beach that was full of geese poop before finding this gem of a beach that had beautiful views AND lupine flowers!

Bring something that's meaningful to you.

What's an extracurricular activity that lights you up? Whether it's a sports jacket, a musical instrument, art supplies, or in this senior's case, pointe shoes, bring something to remember this important time in your life. Yes, you probably work very hard in school, but what's something outside of school that brings you joy? Let's photograph you with it at your senior photoshoot.

Prepare 2-3 outfits that reflect your authentic style.

Having a friend or a family member join us at the senior photoshoot is super helpful. They can help carry items, fix stray hairs and even make silly jokes. Your senior photoshoot can have 2-3 outfits that represent YOU! Seniors can change in the public restroom, their car or even this pop up tent I bring to sessions. Bringing accessories, hair clips, hair brushes and make up for touch ups is important too.

Try to relax and have fun!

When the camera is on you the entire session, I can understand how awkward it can be. That's where asking questions comes into play. When you talk about something or someone you love, your face will light up! When we incorporate movement and walk from location to location, you're naturally ease up. When you see your family member making silly faces, you'll laugh. When we pick spots that aren't crowded with other people, you'll breathe easier too. I'll give you directions on how to pose and show you the back of my camera to see if you like the pose or want to make any adjustments. It's a collaboration! This time in your life is so important. You've gone through so much schooling and grown leaps in character. I want to document this big milestone for you.