Preparing for your maternity photos.

Congrats mama! Exciting times are ahead! Every photographer provides different guidance on when it's best to book your maternity photos. Maternity photos are usually done between 28-34 weeks but really, you can do them whenever you feel physically well and whenever your schedule allows. This mama did her photos a bit earlier than usual as her oldest was heading off to college and she wanted to make sure he could be in the frame. So my advice to you is, book your session when it's right for your family.

Family hugging at a grassy field in Woodinville
Candid portrait of a smiling redheaded little boy
Black and white photo of a family swinging their child in a grassy field

Choose a location that's physically doable.

Now is not the time for strenuous hikes. I have a list of locations and can help you narrow down a spot that is doable for you for your maternity photos. Does the location have ample parking? Is the location close to the parking lot? And is the location crowded? This location was a fantastic one because it checked all the boxes. Barely anyone was there so we easily found parking, walked 5 minutes to the actual spot and could play all we wanted without crowds looking on.

Black and white photo of a boy hugging his mother's baby bump
Candid photo of son running to hug his mother
Bellevue family photographer captures son smiling while running to hug his mom
Son hugging his mother in a grassy field in Woodinville

Choose an outfit that shows off your baby bump.

You are literally glowing during your pregnancy! Now's the time to show off that sweet baby bump at your maternity photos. Choose flowy dresses that cinch above the baby bump to help show off the bump and flow freely at the bottom to allow for maximum comfort as you move around. If a dress isn't calling your name, choose maternity tops that are form fitting. Choose fabrics that are form fitting but not so skin tight that they show off every little bulge, like your bra straps. Choose fabrics that are lighter colored because a dark/black fabric will make it really hard to see your bump. I love the dress this mama chose because it defined her baby bump, was figure flattering without clinging to her body and had a nice color that popped in front of the tall grasses.

Maternity portrait of a redheaded mom
Maternity photo of mom hugging her baby bump
Black and white photo of pregnant mom twirling in a field
Candid photo of mom blowing dandelion puffs with her son

Relax and let your photographer take the lead.

Your maternity photos are to capture this specific moment in time. Come to your session relaxed and I will guide you through our 60 minutes together. I have a pose list we will go through. Our list will include photos of: your family, you with each child, just you and your baby bump, etc. You will be guided through poses: where to place your hands, bend your knees, tilt your head, etc. I'll find the best lighting and surroundings so that your photos are beautiful. You will receive prompts on how to engage with your children for authentic expressions of joy and love.

For more maternity photo inspiration, see my portfolio here. Take care!

Husband and wife smiling and dancing in a field
Son sitting in mom's lap, sharing a tender moment together, in a grassy field in Woodinville
Family playing ring around the rosy
Bellevue family photographer capturing family playing ring around the rosy in a field
Seated portrait of a smiling family in a grassy field in Woodinville
Black and white photo of mom kissing her son
Photographer captures son kissing mom's baby bump