Discovery park is a gorgeous option for sunset family photos.

Discovery Park is a huge park located in Seattle. This location has acres of large grassy fields to play in, a bluff with views overlooking the mountains and in late July-mid August, a field of beautiful, purple sweet pea flowers. The best light is 60 minutes before sunset because the light has a warm, golden glow and is pure magic. In the summer, this often will mean a later bedtime for your children. But with a few strategies like pushing the afternoon nap a bit later, bringing along a special treat and packing the bedtime essentials (toothbrush, pajamas) to change into before heading home, it can work!

Family holding hands at sunset in Seattle
Candid smile from little girl at Discovery Park
Seattle family photographer capturing father smiling at daughter

Discovery Park has wide open spaces.

Discovery Park is so big that you will have plenty of space to play! Whispering secrets, giving hugs, tickling each other and more will get the genuine smiles out. When children get to play games, your sunset family photos will be fun. You'll have plenty of space to plop down (without strangers looking on) and chat with your about your favorite ice-cream flavor, a character trait you love about your child, etc. These will create moments you'll cherish.

Siblings hugging each other at sunset
Siblings whispering secrets to each other in Seattle
Candid smiling photo of siblings at Discovery Park
Seattle family photographer captures smiling family at sunset

Discovery Park has the quintessential Pacific Northwest vibe.

Mountains. Water. Trees. It's hard to imagine this park is located IN the city! After you climb the stairs to leave the parking lot, you'll see tall trees. Walk a bit further and you'll see grassy fields. Go a bit more and you'll see a bluff with mountain views. All this in one park! By walking around through the different types of scenery, your family can explore freely. Movement relaxes you. Your children will get excited about seeing possible wildlife (we saw deer!), enjoy rolling down the hills and have a contest on who can blow the most dandelions. This park has it all.

Daughter kisses mother at family photos
Father throwing daughter up in the air at sunset
Seattle Family Photography, Discovery Park, golden hour, daughter laughing, backlit

When is the best time for sunset family photos at Discovery Park?

The spring and summer months are fantastic. Spring will have more greenery from all the rain. Summer will have more yellows as the sun dries everything up and purple sweet pea flowers. These seasons are not crowded...even the week-ends are fine. Less people means more space to yourselves. More freedom to be silly, laugh out loud and not worry about on-lookers.

Golden hour family portrait in a grassy field with trees
Black and white photo of smiling family on a picnic blanket in Seattle

Things to know about Discovery Park:

In the fall, this location is filled with family photographers so I will only do sessions on week-days. The grassy field is a 15 minute walk from the parking lot and the bluff or sweet pea field is another 5 minutes from there. This location requires a $30 Seattle Parks and Recreation permit, as do all locations in Seattle. This location requires a little bit of effort but in the end, your sunset family photo gallery will be diversely beautiful. To read more about why I love photographing families at sunset click here. Thank you for reading!

Family photo on the bluff at Discovery Park
Husband wife portrait in Seattle
Seattle family photographer capturing family holding hands and looking at sunset
Silhouette photo at Discovery Park