What To Wear For Spring Portrait Minis

Your child's personality is vibrant! Your favorite smile in the world just might be theirs. You love the color of their eyes and their mop of hair. You see yourself in them...both in their looks and their personality. You love them and can't believe how fast time is blitzing by.

School portraits are usually terrible. I've heard it way too many times! Forced and inauthentic smiles with an outdated backdrop...you buy them because you're obliged to. Instead, join me at a spring portrait mini session. Let's capture their amazing personality in a colorful way!

I do a limited number of minis every year! Our spring portrait minis will be held at North City Studio in Shoreline on 4/1/2023 (I know it's April Fools but this is really happening!). This location is spacious, bright and filled with beautiful, natural light. Parking is free, easy to find and the studio is located within a safe neighborhood. For the months of March and April, they are offering this cheerful yellow backdrop, perfect for your spring outfit!

To help you figure out what to wear, I have a few tips below!

Portrait of girl looking at the camera inquisitively at a studio in Seattle

For a timeless look, wear white.

White or cream looks wonderful on children of all nationalities. It is a color that doesn't go out of style and will look timeless for generations to come. White is a classic color, with a nice contrast to the yellow backdrop. White fabric bounces the natural window light back onto your face, giving a wonderful glow. Because this color is so simple, it doesn't compete for your attention, so the main focus is your child's expressions. Picture your daughter in a Spring dress, gazing at you with her inquisitive look. Imagine your son in a white polo and jeans, cracking a joke at the camera.

Girl making a silly pose in front of a yellow backdrop at North City Studio
Smiling portrait of a girl in a white dress in Seattle
Detail photo of girl's eyelashes

For a colorful look, turn to the color wheel.

If you want some fun colors in your photos, turn to the color wheel. Our backdrop will be yellow so DON'T wear yellow and blend in to the surroundings. Colors opposite of yellow will help you POP! Purples, reds and blues will help your child stand out from the backdrop, whether it's the bold tones, jewel tones or pastel versions of these colors. Here's an example of these colors below.

Portrait of a smiling girl wearing a purple shirt in front of a yellow backdrop at North City Studio
Girl twirling in a red dress at a studio in Seattle
Smiling portrait of a girl wearing a jean jacket and dress in front of a yellow backdrop

Skip the logos and lenses.

Bluey, Princesses and Marvel are all the rage but skip the distracting logos and words on clothing. Clean clothes = timeless photos. If you want something that isn't just a solid color, a cute whale print, stripes, polka dots or hearts are good options. Leave the transition lenses and reflective glasses at home. Some of the natural window light may bounce off and cause the lenses to change colors and/or reflect. It's hard to see your pretty eyes so leave these lenses at home if possible. If they must wear them, I may have your child take them off for a little bit during our spring portrait minis.

Detail photo of girls eyelashes at North City Studio
Portrait of a girl looking at the camera wearing a white dress in front of a yellow backdrop at a Seattle studio

Choose an outfit authentic to you!

I've photographed so many types of kiddos! Some come with a fancy dress and others wear a simple t-shirt with jeans. There's no one size fits all! What's important is your outfit is comfortable, and is something you'd naturally want to wear. The last thing we want is for your child to be uncomfortable in an itchy dress or tugging at a too tight shirt. Let's remember your kiddo at this moment in time. Their wiggly teeth, their kiss worthy cheeks, their soulful eyes...and what an amazing human being they are. Let's have fun together!