You've downloaded your family photos. What's next?

You picked your outfits, packed your snacks, took your family photos, received your gallery and downloaded your favorites. I know how busy life can be and those photos that you worked so hard to get could be sitting on your hard drive or cloud for years to come. It's so important to get those photos printed. I've got you covered by answering a few important questions. Why does it matter? Where do you order? And how do you design something that looks cohesive?

Hands showing a variety of different family photos printed out

Photos boost your child's self-esteem.

This is such an important WHY. You print your photos because your child feels excited to see themselves on the walls. These photos are living proof of the awesome love you share. They see their smiling faces cuddled in your arms and they feel secure, knowing they belong to someone. The other day, my younger daughter asked why there weren't as many photos of her on our walls as her older sister. When we had our first daughter, we eagerly documented everything. Fast forward to when we had our second daughter, life was a literal zoo. I tried to capture all the milestones, but because there was so much to juggle, printing family photos wasn't at the top of my to do list. I took my daughter's concerns seriously though. We hopped onto the computer and ordered beautiful prints of each kiddo, their sisterly bond and our entire family. Now she's so happy when she see's memories of herself throughout our home!

Living room with framed print of parents holding baby

Your gallery store has the highest quality prints and products.

Your family's photo gallery is linked to a gallery store and all orders are fulfilled at a premier print lab. You can order paper prints, gallery frames, holiday cards and more online, in the comfort of your own home. If you've ever ordered prints from Walgreens or Bartell Drugs, you know that their print quality is poor. Off colors, weird tints, oversaturated or underexposed...these are all problems I've seen before. When you order from the gallery store, you will get the highest quality prints and products. Colors will be accurate and crisp and your physical prints will look exactly like they do on the computer screen.

Each of my collections includes print credit that you can redeem. As a photographer, I see your family as the work of art and you deserve only the best quality prints and products for your home. Your love and joy is what I want to capture and put on your walls for generations to enjoy.

Living room with metal print of family cuddling with newborn baby girl

How do I go about designing a gallery wall?

The most important thing is to get your images printed. Whether that's one metal print in the living room or two canvas prints in the kids bedroom, start with baby steps. A big project may feel overwhelming and likely will be put off. If this season of your life requires simplicity, start with your favorite image to display in the home. When you feel like you have more time or energy, a gallery wall is an amazing way to showcase your family photos. For inspiration on how to design a gallery wall, I've created a Pinterest board here with tips and templates designers have made. I would recommend you choose a mix of candid and posed photos, different family groupings and also some detail photos (ex: hands, feet, eyelashes, bows, etc).

I hope this inspires you to print something tangible for your family to enjoy for years to come. Take care!

Living room with gallery wall of family photos
Table full of family photos