Preparing for your personal branding photography session.

What is a personal branding photography session? It's a photography session that tells your company's story. It showcases who you are and what you do! These photos can be used to elevate your website, social media, and other marketing materials. Instead of using stock photographs, which are generic and available for anyone to use, we can work together and capture photos that are tailored to your brand. We can capture the uniqueness of your company: the joy, the spark and the creativity that only YOU contribute to this world. To get ready for your personal branding photography session, I'll share a few tips that I went over with the founder of Search By Inseam, Corrinne. Search By Inseam helps men and women of all sizes quickly and easily find jeans and pants that fit well. Corrinne shows you how to measure your inseam length (because being tall doesn't mean you have a long inseam and being short doesn't mean you have a short inseam). She has searched the web and categorized pants and jeans by inseam length and as a result, has helped thousands of people find jeans and pants that fit their legs. Everyone deserves to wear pants and jeans that fit well! (Corrinne is wearing shirts from Sassy n Tall, another woman owned company, creating eco-friendly shirts that are a perfect fit for tall women).

Portrait of woman smiling for her headshot.

Choose colors that are on brand for you.

Is your brand light and airy? Dark and moody? Clean and crisp? Determine what vibe your brand has and pick colors that match your brand. For example, if your brand is light and airy, you might choose pastel pinks and oranges. If your brand is dark and moody, you might select jewel tone purples and greens. And if your brand is clean and crisp, you could consider true whites and vibrant blues. When choosing your outfits, consider layering. A t-shirt/shirt inside and a cardigan/jacket outside. Layering your outfits allows you to get a variety of looks for year round promotions. Choose a photo of you bundled up for cozy fall deals. Display a photo of you in a t shirt for a summer offering. This maximizes the usability of your photos! Choose clothes that are authentic to you. If you feel comfortable in your clothes, you will look confident at your personal branding photography session.

Woman smiling, looking away from the camera, at Bellevue Botanical Garden.

Find a location with some variety.

A diverse gallery includes different poses, angles, clothing options and environmental settings. Do you need to be outdoors? In a studio? Or at a coffee shop? Choosing a studio that's near a park, or a coffee shop within a garden (ahem Bellevue Botanical Garden) gives you access to multiple settings, both urban and natural, to help enhance your personal branding photography session gallery.

Women walking in a Japanese Garden at Bellevue Botanical Garden.

Make a list of what YOU want photographed.

I have a list of things I will photograph including your process from start to finish, your product and headshots, but we will work together to figure out what it is YOU want photographed. Maybe a photograph of you interacting with a satisfied client? An image of you feeling carefree after solving a big problem? An image with lots of negative space for you to put text in? Let's take those photos that are important to you.

Your personal branding photography session will give prospective clients a glimpse into your business: your personality as a business owner and the product you have to offer. With beautiful, high quality and cohesive images on your website and social media, it will show prospective clients you take pride in your business. Let's work together to elevate your brand!