Personal Family Photos at Green Timbers Urban Forest Park

We hadn't seen our extended family in Canada since the pandemic had started. With the US-Canadian borders finally re-opening and restrictions easing, we were able to make our trek up to see them. After waiting in lines at Bellevue College to get PCR covid tests, waiting in lines at the US-Canadian border for rapid tests, and doing yet another rapid test via Microsoft Teams in Canada, we checked all the boxes and were good to go! It was so amazing (quite the understatement) to hug grandparents, auntie and uncle again. And something, we would never take for granted again! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we decided to do family photos. I had prepped my daughters' outfits ahead of time and when my sister-in-law pulled out her gorgeous satin yellow dress, I let out a yelp of excitement! We went from closet to closet, looking for cohesive outfits for the rest of our family. I also did a bit of driving, location scouting the parks in Surrey, B.C. until I found one I loved...Green Timbers Urban Forest Park. I can't wait to share the elements that jumped out to me about this location.

Wife piggybacking on husband at Green Timbers in Surrey BC
Couple looking lovingly at each other in Surrey, BC
Black and white photo of husband and wife looking at each other in Surrey BC
Family playing with each other
Family laughing and tickling each other in Surrey BC

Element #1: Green Timbers had a white gravel pathway.

Photographers are always looking for good light! When the sunlight hits the trees or the grass, those green colors can bounce onto your skin, making your skin look green. If you have something white for the sunlight to bounce off of (ex: a large circular reflector, the photographer's white t-shirt, or a white floor), this white light will bounce onto your skin in a very flattering way. I loved this white gravel pathway at Green Timbers Urban Forest Park and how beautiful it made everyones skin look!

Family playing and cuddling at Green Timbers in Surrey BC
Candid moment of family laughing and playing in Surrey BC
Redmond Family Photographer capturing candid moment of family playing with niece

Element #2: Green Timbers had rich dark greens.

I love rich dark greens because they photograph beautifully. The greens from the trees at Green Timbers Urban Forest Park are a nicer shade of green than the neon green given off by grass. Especially in the spring or fall, when the rain makes everything vibrantly green, choosing locations with deeper, richer greens make the photos more pleasant for the eyes to see. Next time you're at the park after a good rain shower, pay attention to the greens from the evergreen trees vs. the grass. Which shade is nicer to you? I'll bet it's the evergreen trees.

Candid smiles at Green Timbers in Surrey BC
Black and white photo of auntie twirling niece
Grandparents and grandkids walk hand in hand

Element #3: Green Timbers is quiet.

Quiet locations = the chance for you to be authentically you! With no one curiously watching you, you're free to let your guard down and play with your family. This location is also within 5 minutes of the parking lot, has level walking paths, and has plenty of space for everyone to explore. There's a pond with ducks and in the spring, has a field of lovely lupine flowers.

Portrait of granddaughter in Surrey BC
Portrait of smiling granddaughter at Green Timbers
Redmond family photographer capturing tender moment of grandparents swinging granddaughter

Thank you for letting me share these personal family photos with you. The Covid pandemic took so many precious months of family time away from us (and most of the world). I am so grateful that the US-Canadian borders have reopened and that we can squeeze our loved ones again. These photos will always be extra meaningful to me, because I got to document the utter joy experienced after so much time apart.

Candid moment of girl blowing wheat
Candid moment of sisters blowing wheat in Surrey BC
Girl playing with wheat in Surrey BC