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Outfits highlight your personality!

Find an outfit that is authentic to you, is something you'd be comfortable in and is what you'd want to wear (not what Pinterest tells you to wear).

Style guide

Dress mom first.

You've just given birth and your body needs time to heal so find something that is comfortable and has a bit of stretch.

Maternity jeans might still feel great and supportive. Flowy tops, form fitting (but not skin-tight) dresses and cozy sweaters are all nice options. Pick out mom's outfit first then build everyone else's outfit around hers.

Let's talk about colors.

Pick 2-3 colors. Blues, creams, pastels and jewel tones are all great neutral colors and work beautifully to illuminate the skin.

Avoid neon fabrics as they reflect weird colors onto your skin.

If one family member wants to add a bold POP of color, it's doable as long as the other family members wear more neutral colors (blues, creams, grays, pastels) to balance it out.

Pick comfy shoes.

If you've chosen an outdoor newborn session, depending on how you're feeling, we will be walking a little bit or a lot. Avoid the stiletto heels. Choose comfortable flats, thicker heels or sandals. For men, leave the athletic Nike runners at home and choose a clean dress sneaker.

Don't match, coordinate.

To spice it up, mix solids and patterns together. I don't want everyone to be wearing the same white t-shirt and jeans. If your child loves a certain pair of tie-dye pants, pair it with a solid top from mom to balance it out.

Texture creates visual interest! We have ribbed cotton, denim and a basic henley here.

Logos and lenses.

Skip distracting logos and words on clothing. Clean clothes = timeless photos.

Leave the transition lenses and reflective glasses at home. It's hard to see your pretty eyes when they're blocked by dark lenses. If your lenses are reflective, I may ask you to take them off from time to time during our session.

Online Styling at your service!

I have a web styling service that gives you color coordinated outfits with optional links to purchase things, right at your fingertips. What I like to do is find the style they suggest, then do my own search for specific pieces at budget friendlier places (Old Navy, Target and H&M).

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I am also available via e-mail to answer any of your styling questions, look over your outfits or find a specific piece for you. Let me know how I can assist!