Making Click Pro

All these photos were taking during the Covid-19 pandemic. I turned to photography as a means to channel all my anxiety, boredom and fears. But most importantly, I used photography to find joy and beauty in the everyday. 

I had a personal goal to apply to Click Pro this year. Click Pro is where you submit a 150 photo portfolio, critiqued on exposure, use of light, color, white balance, composition, processing/cohesion, technical basics and creativity/intention. The passing score is high. I had always admired these incredible women photographers from afar and now I'm so excited to be one of them.

I pretty much wore my camera around my body for several months, evaluating light, shooting, editing and re-editing. I learned to consistently do the fundamentals. When my family needed a break from shooting, I experimented with self-portraits and that was actually quite fun! I pushed myself creatively, worked hard (so so so many hours spent analyzing photos), prayed a ton and with the help of family, friends and the Click Community Prep Group, made Click Pro. I really could not have done this without the encouraging words of many who lifted me up when I wanted to give up!

All's to say, if you have a goal, work towards it step by step. If you want it, don't give up. Pray for blessings. Surround yourself with people that cheer you on. You can do hard things.

Here is my accepted set:

Redmond Family Photographer, Click Pro