Sunset Family Photos at Meadowbrook Farm.

Meadowbrook Farm is a gem of a location and is about 30-40 minutes from the Eastside and Seattle areas. This location has the quintessential Pacific Northwest feel and is fantastic for summer family photos. There's lush green trees, the beautiful backdrop of Mt. Si and even a small barn, offering lots of variety for your family photo gallery. I can't wait to share why I recommend this location to my families.

North Bend Family Photographer captures kids smiling at sunset
Child laughs while being tickled in North Bend
Candid photo of a smiling boy at sunset in North Bend

Meadowbrook Farm has wide open spaces.

Meadowbrook Farm has so much wiggle room. With acres upon acres of wide open spaces, I can picture your family playing a game of tag in the open field, laughing through hide and seek amongst the many trees, and cuddling in front of the backdrop of Mt. Si. If you know me, you know I love photographing families in quiet locations. Getting photobombed by strangers isn't fun. There's something nice about having space to can let your guard down and get all the genuine smiles out.

Sibling photo at Meadowbrook Farm at sunset
Black and white photo of smiling brothers
North Bend Photographer captures siblings smiling and hugging in a field at sunset
Brother twirling sister at Meadowbrook Farm in the summer

Meadowbrook Farm is easily accessible.

With only a 5 minute walk from the parking lot, this spot is great for families with young children and families that have mobility limitations. There's a free parking lot and a flat, gravel walkway that will lead you to my hand picked locations. I do have locations that require a bit of a trek, but this isn't one of them. Make your sunset family photos easy by selecting this location with minimum effort and maximum beauty. Bonus, there's occasional elk sightings!

North bend family photographer captures smiling sister
Sibling portrait in a grassy field at Meadowbrook Farm
Cousins playing red light green light in front of Mt. Si

Meadowbrook Farm has really cool lighting.

In the summer, I love to play with the sun and manipulate the light to offer you a diverse gallery. With the sun in full force, we start in the shade and filter the light through the trees. As the sun gets a bit lower, we move into the open field and do lots of games there. And when the sunset is the most spectacular, we do some fun silhouette photos. Meadowbrook farm is one of a couple locations that allows me to use the light in this way for your sunset family photos.

Cousins playing together in front of Mt. Si at sunset
Jumping photo of cousins at Meadowbrook Farm
Silhouette photo at sunset at Meadowbrook Farm
Portrait of siblings and their blue eyes

A few more things to note...

Meadowbrook Farm is great in all seasons, but especially summer. Summer has fewer crowds, compared to the fall. The best lighting at this location for sunset family photos is roughly:

  • June: 7:45pm-8:45pm
  • July: 7:45pm-8:45pm
  • August: 7:15pm-8:15pm

If you need an earlier start time, the best options are May or September. Sunshine is more unpredictable in these months, but if you have a flexible schedule, we can make it work.

For another location that has really cool lighting, check out this spot. Thanks for reading!